Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart

Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart are a harpist and fiddle player who have collaborated previously in numerous settings, deciding to make a duo recording in 2022. The debut album ‘Thawcrook’ draws from their individual musical backgrounds as well as their love of contemporary arrangement, compositions and improvisation. It is also influenced by the thriving Traditional music scene in Glasgow, where they are both currently based. " 'Thawcrook' is an outstanding achievement of musicality, ingenuity and passion" Duncan Chisholm "Gorgeous melodies and rich harmony, stunningly played with huge heart, sense of space and a huge helping of understated playfulness" Lauren MacColl "All the elements are evoked and emotions tapped, making for a splendid end to this splendid record." At The Barrier “Decade-long acquaintances and award winning musicians on harp and fiddle respectively, Thawcrook sees them splice traditional and modern tunes together to create a captivating and joyful nine tracks.” Bright Young FolkPT2HU2024-03-16Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart"Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart"


March 16, 3:05 pm

March 16, 7:30 pm