Christopher MacArthur-Boyd

A new hour of stand-up by the wee guy with the glasses from Glasgow. Featuring routines and jokes on such topics as Edinburgh Zoo, going for a walk, and the collapse of the British state. As seen on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, Comedy Central Live and BBC New Comedy Awards, and heard on the Enjoy An Album, Some Laugh and Here Come The Guillotine podcasts. Tour support for Frankie Boyle and Susie McCabe. 'A master of observational comedy' dist jira netlify.toml stripe ( ‘CMB's on killer form with both self-assurance and self-deprecation...Hit after hit after hit.’ dist jira netlify.toml stripe (FEST) ‘Major worldwide household name potential’ dist jira netlify.toml stripe (Entertainment Now)PT2H14+2024-09-20Christopher MacArthur-Boyd"Christopher MacArthur-Boyd"


September 20, 3:00 pm

September 20, 5:30 pm

September 20, 8:00 pm

LAS Port Righ